Monday, September 29, 2008

Town Hall Event with Gov Howard Dean in SF Bay Area


On October 23rd the South Asian American community has a unique opportunity to hear from Gov. Howard Dean, Chairman DNC just 10 days before the general election.

Not only we have an opportunity to make an important contribution to the Obama Campaign, high profile events such as these serve to institutionalize our engagement in the political process
The event theme will focus around foreign policy, with emphasis on South / South-west Asia.

There are a couple ways you can attend:

1 - Individual contributor: $500 min.
2 - Co-Host: Help raise/contribute $5,000
3 - Contributions will go towards "Obama Victory Fund"

Let me know if you're interested in attending the even.


Abdulrahman Rafiq

Why should you participate in the Oct 23rd event?


Our sustained participation and success in the political process hinges on our ability to mobilize our communities and resources at critical times like these. Despite the campaign's success in raising funds, there's still a need as the race gets tight in months to come


This event will most likely be the last DNC events specifically for South Asian Americans. Today, South Asians -- Indo- and Pakistani-Americans -- are playing a significant role in both the party and the presidential campaign. It is heartening to see Pakistani and Indo-American communities coming together in support of Sen. Obama. Our August 17th event could not have come on a better date - days after our communities commemorate 61st Independence Days of India and Pakistan. It is befitting that nations who were inspired by America's ideals of liberty join hands decades later in support of agruably the most compelling presidential candidate in America's history.


By engaging in the political process, we have a shot at impacting policy over the long haul, and contribute to developing solutions for myriad issues common to all Americans. We are already beginning to institutionalize our involvement with the formation of groups such as the South Asian American Leadership Council (SAALC) and the South Asian Policy group in the DNC. You will have the opportunity to engage and influence direction this country takes with 'a seat on the table' alongside with other members of Senator Obama's broad coalition of all Americans.

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