Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pakistani Women Entrepreuers...ensuing hope for a nation!

For those who despair about Pakistan: look at our heroine here and be proud of Pakistanis like her. To those who wonder what, if anything, can be done to make things better: think about what an entrepreneur like her would be able to do if she had real opportunities… An investment in social capital more than in venture capital. What if she could get a real store-front rather than be forced to encroach on government land. Maybe investing in a few entrepreneurs like her would have greater payoffs than building tall towers and seven star hotels!

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq (ARR)

1 comment:

Zahra Khan said...

used to work at an organization that
had its office at 39th street. I remember seeing the thela of a lady who used to sell food at the street. I think this is the same lady. God bless her for her courage and yes we should start supporting these women
entrepreneurs who are working at the grassroot level.