Monday, April 02, 2007

Musharraf's Dillema...[Part 1]

The Recent protests challenging President Musharraf's authority have conjured up rumor after rumor with very little fact, or are there facts to back up all the rumors out there? This post is an attempt try and separate the fact from fiction.

Following are a number of news articles and blog posts gathered from the internet.

The RabitaZone (The RZone) will continue to monitor the situation in Pakistan and post any new data we learn. If any of our readership come across any thing new you may submit this via email or feel free to comment to this post.


Chief of Lal Masjid gives one month deadline to govt for closure ... - Pakistan
We have not forced the owners of video shops to close down their business nor our students have taken such step, he underlined." ...

Protesters urge Pakistan's president to step down
Vancouver Sun (subscription) - Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
ISLAMABAD -- Thousands of flag-waving protesters rallied at Pakistan's Supreme Court on Tuesday to urge President Pervez Musharraf to step down for ...

Musharraf under siege: Endgame for Pakistan’s Military Regime
Asian Tribune - Bangkok,Thailand
In the unlikely eventuality that Musharraf heeds the call to step down as COAS, he will follow in Zia’s footsteps and continue as Pakistan’s de facto ruler. ...

US Congress team meets Nawaz
LONDON, March 31: A four-member delegation of the US Congress met former prime minister Nawaz Sharif here on Saturday to what PML-N sources said get Mr Sharif's assessment of the ongoing political turmoil in Pakistan....
Complete Story

Baloch asks Musharraf to step down

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U.S. Impatient with Musharraf

Blog: Battle brews over Military Rule

Blog: BB coming back to Pakistan

CBS News: Musharraf a Problamatic Ally
CSM: Pakistan: US Ally, US dilemma

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Anonymous said...

Is it true Musharraf is planning to step down as a Army Chief? Can someone confirm?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

dunno sounds like a rumor

AR Rafiq said...
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