Thursday, April 12, 2007

BHUTTO-MUSHARRAF Alliance ...warding off TALIBAN sympathizers

Is this possible? A Bhutto-Musharraf alliance, joining forces to defeat the Taliban'ites from the political arena. Sounds like a a great idea, perhaps the next best thing. Not only for Musharraf and Benazir but for Pakistan in general. According to the TimesOnline article Marriage of necessity men the least-wort option,

It does not look as though Bhutto is about to be prime minister again; under the Constitution, no one can serve a third term. But if Musharraf could strike a deal with her party, that would tackle some of the worst threats. It would mark an end to his dangerous courtship of the religious parties, which has boosted their influence above their natural level of support. It would also require him to step down as head of the Army.
It is hardly a done deal. But in a very difficult year for Pakistan, the possibility of the President bringing a large, secular political party into the centre of power is one of the few encouraging signs.
Though, then it may be wishful thinking on the part of the TimesOnline. As in a report in the HindustanTimes Musharraf says he introduced real democracy in Pak it appears like there may not be any such alliance taking place in the very near future.

As to the rumour about Musharraf stepping down from the post of Chief of Army Staff (COAS), it may end up taking permanent place in Rumors Galore, "
Though I am in uniform, I have introduced real democracy in the country. Those who were in civil dress did nothing for democracy. My government worked for women rights and gave them authority," said Musharraf.

Further the following statement by the General is indicative to the fact there is no intention on his part to relinquish his Uniform
Musharraf said he was concerned that his uniform was the chief subject and target of criticism of his adversaries, but vowed to serve the country whether he was in uniform or not.

With such a stance such an alliance may not be possible, Bhutto quoted by the Ireland On-Line
Bhutto acknowledged having talks with Pakistan's government, but said the resignation was essential before her party entered any political pact.....she said: "PPP will not accept anyone in uniform."

The ultimate decision may very well rest on the issue of Musharraf letting go of the uniform or not? As Bhutto appears adamant on this point....thus we find that one again Pakistan's fate hangs in the balance.

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