Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ask what you can do...JFK - Kennedy's innuugral speech...

"...ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." These were words uttered by President John F. Kennedy (JKF). A highly respected and loved President America has ever had. These are not mere words to be taken at face value but are to be imbibed and contemplated. As there is a powerful messages here.

The country is not some obscure entity out there, in fact it is a real living, breathing entity. An entity which comprises of individuals like you and me. The country exists becuase of you. You are the heart and soul of the country. This is what President Kennedy was getting at.

He further when on to address the world "...ask not what American can do for you, ask what we can do for the world." Indeed another power statement, ask what as a community of nations can do for the world. What we can as a collective do to promote world peace and mutual respect and coexistence amongst one another.

These days such great men with such lofty ideals are hard to come by.

Following is the complete video of JFK's inaugural address. Listen to it, imbibe it and live it...the world is at a critical cross-road, where will we the inhabitants of this planet steer it's future. As the power to govern is within us, governments and countries exist becuase of us. You have the POWER within you to make a difference...

JKF Inaugural Address Part 1:

JKF Inaugural Address Part 2:

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