Monday, August 11, 2014

Democratic Institutionalisation Through Constitutional Means

Imran Khan is a member of the opposition bench with 34 seats belonging to PTI in the National Assembly of Pakistan. The party is no longer a fringe rabble rousing group. They are a mainstream political force and must act accordingly. Instead of leading long marches and protests Imran needs to get strategic politically, thus raising the bar on how the PTI operate. That is work the system, through the system you were elected through. This is one of my main, above many other gripes with Imran. 

He's got 34 out of 341 seats which is a significant number to initiate a no confidence motion in the National Assembly. According to the 1971 constitution of Pakistan "A resolution for a vote of no-confidence moved by not less than twenty per centum of the total membership of the National Assembly may be passed against the Prime Minister by the National Assembly." 

Granted PTI doesn't have 20% from the seats it controls, however accordingly to the constituent makeup of the assembly it won't be difficult getting a quorum. Do the math! PTI has nearly 1/2 the votes needed. The rest can be gained, both from other opposition members and potentially a few won of the fringes of the treasury bench. 

My message to Imran and PTI inner circle is if you're serious about building the country, serious about advancing your party further in the political arena then please for god sake grow up. You're no longer that teenaged rowdy rebel group you once were. For crying out loud you've got a significant membership int he National Assembly, why not use that to your advantage?  And please dump this Maulana Qadiri. He's only going to pull you down further into trench warfare that country doesn't need at this point in time. As a nation we need responsible adult political leadership who are committed to building democratic institutions through constitutional means. 

Anyone who has an issue with a siting government has a right to address their concerns, through the available constitutional means without disrupting the normal business affairs of state and nation.

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq

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