Sunday, December 23, 2012

Can Take A Horse To Water But Can't Make Him Drink It

You'd imagine someone from a poor background earning barely enough (~$100/mon) to support a family of 7 would be glad to have access to a decent and free Government School near his home. But no, the attitude that kids will only go the best or not go is prevalent at all levels of Pakistani society.

There is one individual with 6 six kids who go for private tuitions to learn Quran. But are not going to school as the tuition and admission fee is to high. Whereas the Government School near his house is free. I cited an example of another boy who just got his Metric through that same school, and now is en-route to doing his Inter.

Seriously, makes me wonder. Here you are with an opportunity to get your 6 kids educated - okay fine it's not the best school in the world, but it's decent enough for them to atleast become literate and maybe pass their Metric, more than what you had.

Government Schools, whatever one says about them however horrible the conditions do work - kids can get an okay education, enough to help their families out of poverty. And these schools are FREE.

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