Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt Crisis an opportunity for the United States

The current crisis in #Egypt poses an unprecedented opportunity for the Obama administration to renew the United States commitment to uphold the ideals it was founded upon by pledging unconditional support to the peoples movement and the democratic process in the Arab world, the greater Middle East and near East regions. Thus, facilitating in defeating extremism and paving the path for peaceful coexistence.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A People's Untold History

 - Hosted by The Green Economics Initiative, a program enacted under the aegis of Shirkat Gah, and in partnership with Henrich Boll Stiftung.

- Introductory remarks by Najma Sadeque.

- Its largely unscripted film - a venture backed by the film makers.

- The film was a factual portrayal of ground realities of a nation's untold Economic development or lack thereof.

- The screening was hosted at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, on Tuesday, 11th January, 2011. This was the second screening. The launch apparently had happened in Lahore on December 2nd. Review from Lahore launch can be read here.

More details and a personal account to come soon.

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