Friday, April 09, 2010

Pakistan Story --- shedding light on the present from lessons of the past ...Part I

PAKISTAN: STORY 1: In the first of three special reports from Pakistan, a look the problems Pakistan is facing as a result of the 7 year war in neighbouring Afghanistan. There are now said to be 3 million Afghan refugees living in Pakistan; their presence seems to have exacerbated the tensions inside the country and there are also accusations that they are involved in drug-smuggling and gun-running. Intvws Unnamed refugee, Ayaz Amir (Columnist, Dawn Magazine), John Kirke (Planning Consultant), Said Azhar (Commissioner for Refugees), Alan Williams (Planning Consultant) & Unnamed Training Officer. McDONALD,TREVOR

PAKISTAN STORY 2: Intvw with President Zia Ul-Haq on challenge from Benazir Bhutto with her Pakistan Peoples Party which is becoming a strong opposition: He also comments on possible solution for Afghanistan as Pakistan is caught in the crossfire providing a home for Afghan refugeess, support Afghan guerrillas while maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia. MCDONALD,TREVOR

PAKISTAN STORY 3: In the final report from Pakistan a look at the future for for Benazir Bhutto as she meets some supporters who relatives were killed in a political demonstration: President Zia Ul- Haq has maintained that the Pakistan Peoples Party is a spent force: Intvws Benazir Bhutto, Ahmed Rashid (Observer Pakistan Correspondent), Mushahid Hussein (Editor 'Moslem'). McDONALD,TREVOR

Friday, April 02, 2010

Oldest Brewery in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan -- Muree Beer

Can't export a drop, that's ridiculous. Seriously speaking how much longer will we bend over backwards to appease the Mullahs, who aren't the most perfect of human beings themselves, especially behind closed doors?

Following is a brief presentation about Pakistan's oldest Brewery, Muree Beer founded in 1861 and was recently listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE-100), continue reading at HuqMusings. Tobacco and Alcohol are one of the top revenue generators for the Government of Pakistan, yet Alcohol export is prohibited.