Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sohrab Faqeer Passes on Friday, October 23, 2009

Sohrab Faqeer, the great Sufi singer of Sindh, Pakistan at 73 left hundreds and thousands of listeners morning on Friday, October, 23rd, 2009. We at Sindhiyat extend our heartfelt condolence to his family and friends.

His full name was Sohrab Fakir Khaskhely. He was born in 1934 in Khairpur. His father was the ;ate Hamal Fakir, was the disciple of Kush Khair Muhammad Fakir.

Sohrab Fakir is recognized as the greatest living Sindhi folk singer in his style of music, playing the yaktaro (single stringed instrument) and chappar (wooden clappers)

In a condolence statement, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah paid tribute to the deceased with respect for his traditional Sufi songs and said

It is difficult to fill the gap created by his death...Sohrab Faqeer would be remembered for his unique command over the Sufi genre of singing.

Marvi Memon, Member of Pakistan's National Assembly in her condolence tweet said:
Sohrab faqeer of sindh was one such treasure who was not taken care of n whom we lost. We mourn his death
From Peshawar, the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan Shihab Taqi Halepota in response to Marvi's tweet states:
Sindh, #Pakistan lost an other Sohrab Faqeer, a saint, sage and sufi singer. We value them once they depart. We are never in or on time.
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Listen to Saiin Sohrab Faqeer on YouTube.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Imran Khan explains "War on Terror" and "Pakistan Taliban" .. Extreemism, Radicalization, Terrorism

Imran khan perfectly weighs pros and cons to win the so-called war against terror. He presents a logical perspective as to why this Army offensive does not necessarily mean an end to this war on terror.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feinding upon the weak and vulnerable ... Quickstar, Amway, Britt Worldwide Schemes ..

A few years back when I was a Graduate Student in Physics at UC Riverside, I was approach by a a North-West Indian couple with a business proposition to work with a network marketing company called Britt World Wide (BWW), that works with Quixstar, a wholesale distribution company.

They said I can try it out and cancel anytime. When I signed up under the explicit understanding that this is a trail, I was surprise to get hit with a initiation bill of $500. Upon receiving this bill I requested to opt out. But it didn't go down well with this couple.

After being super nice to me, they're whole attitude change. The name calling began, and they said I cannot back out ... there and then I new I had to get out fast.

Their representatives, or as the official term goes, Independent Business Owner (IBO) fiend on the vulnerable and weak, students are an easy target. They all have a similar marketing pitch . Claim ing you can be as rich as so and so, or so and so, citing Ray Kroc as an example. Not realizing that it takes more than what these schemes claim to make it big like Ray Kroc. An Entrepreneur is driven by vision, a vision to change the world in some form or the other. The fame and wealth in many cases are the by product.

To be a successful entrepreneur one must have a vision, coupled with a keen and burning desire to do something at any cost. It takes immense dedication to break from the status quo and mundane rate race of the world.

I will say one thing that the founders of Quixstar (or Amway) were genius'. To come up with a marketing scheme that disseminate sthere products in a manner that to much regard has sustain for generations. Don't go for the product they created, study and try and emulate the founders, Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Emulate there methods to success and combine that with your passions, interests and profession and see if you can develop a product(s) and unique business model(s).

Friday, October 09, 2009

President Obama Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Interesting, yet surprising. Less than a year in office, amidst increased war efforts in Afghanistan, troop deployment in Pakistan and a dire economic health at home. I wonder whether the timing is appropriate ... what do you think? Sounds premature, if you ask me. Or perhaps this is just what the Obama Administration needed to help them push through the massive opposition they're confronted with atop Capitol Hill and deliver upon their campaign promises, starting with: (1) Revamping Health Care,
(2) Addressing the Energy crisis, and (3) Education issue to name a few pressing U.S. centric issues.

Though, what about Obama's foreign policy agenda? Have significant steps been taken thus far to reduce tensions across ethnic, religious, and economic boundaries?

Don't get me wrong, personally I supported President Obama, and continue to offer my support however it's disappointing to see a continuation of the DC status quo of "big talk" and "no action" on the Hill. The question is, how will the Administration leverage this to finally deliver?

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