Friday, April 03, 2009

Taliban Rule in Swat must end!

Acts such as the the flogging of the young woman the world witness today in Swat Valley at the hands of Taliban must end. We. the people of Pakistan will appose and stop such acts of barbarism.

Lets send a message to the world, loud and clear that Pakistanis are alive and will not, at any cost let the country fall to the barbarism that we've witnessed today in Swat. We're a progressive, peace loving nation. Have had a few road blocks, but all is not lost.

This land, it's people have tremendous drive, great potential and talent to achieve the Sun and the moon. Be it in Technology, Art, Science, Music we have it all. All we ask for is a sustaining and just system of Governance that supports and honors it's Social contract with the people of Pakistan.

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Protest events planned in both Karachi and Lahore. See Karachi Protest, Lahore Protest and Twitter LongMarch.

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