Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Disenchanted Love Affair....Pakistan and the U.S.

The following video was uploaded to YouTube by Asadullah Khan (YouTube ID:Afridi). It's a depiction of Pakistan and U.S. foreign relations over time, from Faiz Ahmad Faiz's view point.

From the 1947 to now, the U.S. Pakistan relations have stood the test of time, though at times not so favorable. But then we are way past the honeymoon period, true love goes far beyond the honeymoon glitter - the mark of unconditional love is when lovers are able to see past one anothers faults. Can one look upon the Pak-US affair as a mature one, an unconditional love affair, with it's frequent mood swings? I would say yes, though some may disagree and argue it is a relationship of convenience.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Beauty of Physics ...

Physics is an absolute science. All of nature can be summed up into a few simple, yet infinitely complex laws, so much so it can take decades to decipher. It was this very reason, I opted for a degree in Physics. Which mind you is no stroll in the park - the study of Physics isn't for everyone. Though, personally I would recommend it be a mandatory course for all students, whether in the sciences or not. For it teaches one how to think outside of the box.

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq