Friday, December 28, 2007

Bhutto Laid to Rest....The Country Mourns it's Slow Death...

At 4:45pm Pakistan Time, the body of the two term Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was laid to rest at Ghari Kudha Baksh, the Bhutto families ancestral graveyard.

A sad day for the nation, the death of a leader, mind you the only charismatic leader who was loved by many. Such leaders are hard to come by in the world, in Pakistan they are virtually non-existent. That is, leaders who can rally the crowds, give the people a feeling of purpose and belonging. With the demise of Ms. Bhutto, there is no one who can match her dynamism as a leader of the people.

Democracy is dead, whether the elections continue as scheduled, or are postponed what does it matter? The results have been predetermined? No Benazir, no Nawaz, who else is there other than the Religious right, and Musharraf's King's group. Pakistan's future is a bleak one, with little hope, illadvised policies by usurping ruler and authoritarian men at the helm have left the nation destitute. We are our own worst enemy, slowly digging ourselves to a slow death - from constitutional tampering to the destruction of the judiciary - what good is a nation without it's core democratic institutions?

Copyright C. AbdulRahman Rafiq

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