Sunday, December 30, 2007

Afganistan Enters the Internet Age...

A little while back I was browsing through RabitaZone's sitemeter account. You can see site visits from all over the globe - from Australia to Europe, including the Middle East. All looks normal, however there was one country you don't see a whole lot to often - Afghanistan.

Until today, I was unaware that there are Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in this desolate land, let alone Web users.

Upon further investigation I found to my amazement, at the Afghanistan Ministry of Communication and Information Technology the following "somewhat surprising" statistics,


The following statistic updates every after 3 months.
Last updated on 02, Oct 2007
Landline Phones: 39,608
GSM Subscribers: 32,85,332
CDMA Subscribers: 43,646
ISP Companies: 17
GSM Companies: 04

Who would have imagined, a nation such as Afghanistan would have 17 ISPs! This may seem like a small number, it however shows great promise for this nation - paving the way for innumerable entrepreneurial opportunities.

Copyright C. AbdulRahman Rafiq

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