Saturday, May 19, 2007

5/12 - A Black Day for Karachi - A video post-mortem SCRAP BOOK

Justin Timberlake Song - 5/12 Karachi Violence

May 12 - a black day for Karachi, a day when Karachi came under attack ...a deadly attack it was - a senseless and tragic one. Karachi the pulse of the PakLAND, a City of 14 Million on 5/12 found itself in the midst horrendous blood bath....

Following is a collection of media footage post 5/12 - An attempt by this Karachi denizen to help answer the unanswered question as to WHY, WHY Karachi? What did Karachi, the City of life do to deserve such an atrocity?

Karachi Became Gaza (GEO TV) -

By BBC Urdu -

By KTN News -


AAJ TV (President Musharraf on Karachi Attach) -

Attack onBusines Recorder, AAJ TV -
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Musharraf Address on dismissal of CJ -

Karachi Oh Karachi, the City of Cities - The City of life...who dare inflict harm on this City ...the City of life KARACHI OH KARACHI the magnificent - The Jewel of the Indus Valley!

5/12 the BLACKEST of BLACK days for Karachiites - A further blackening of the Cities Global brand image.

A vibrant city, of 14 Million has survived against all odds....

The true picture of Karachi - The City of Life!

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