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[pakeditor] Attack on GEO -- Attack on GEO as it was happening and more.. President Musharraf appologizing to Hamid Mir and more

Yeah right - like he means it. How many more lies shall we hear while the country, the writ of the Constitution, 1973 constitution mind you is undermined time and time again. Enforcing the writ of the Government of Pakistan - a famous line of Musharraf, well what shall we call this act? If not an unconstitutional act, undermining the writ of the people, the Constitution (and not the General's infamous LFO).

I am sorry apology not accepted. You need to try harder to appease your country men and women for the latest acts committed out of shear desperation of protecting your kursi. Because that is what it is, nothing but a selfish act on your part - disposing of the Chief Justice, as a result undermining the judicial system, thus throwing the country into constitutional turmoil.

We joke about Nawaz's incompetence and how he was distracted by his patti when being briefed about Kargil. However, you General Sahib are no better . As some of us wanted to believe in you, we were looking and seeking for the solution to Pakistan and thought you had it within your power to deliver.

What happed to practicing what you preach -- what is that famous line "Enlightened Moderation". A grand phrase, but these are mere words - what about observing enlightened moderation in the Chief Justice's dismissal, or before sanctioning the raid on the GEO News office?

All these acts cast a further negative brand upon the country, a country which already is suffering from negative media coverage has to now deal with this? Not to mention undermining all the good works done by many many people - who have selflessly tried, and continue to work towards dispelling the negative brand image of the country abroad. How is one to show face to our friends of Pakistan, many of whom we have defended Pakistan and many of your policies to. Justified why this time it is different and not a repeat of General Zia's regime.

So how much shall I, this Pakistani-American say or not say - frankly after this latest round of attacks on one of our icon media houses, GEO News how can we trust what you say? How do we know you mean it when you say the press is free, you are open to criticism? How do we know the IB, ISI, FIA or MI, or the police is not going to coming knocking down any one of our doors? Are we, the people of Pakistan truly safe and secure under you?

It is your job as the self-appointed President and head of our armed forces to protect the people of Pakistan, not harass them? If not as the President then at least as a soldier this is what you were trained to do - protect the country from external forces that try to undermine the writ of the Constitution, not undermine it yourself.

Pakistan Pindabad! Long Live, and God protect Pakistan!

Abdulrahman Rafiq
(A Concerned Citizen)

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S. Asif Alam
President, AOPP

Musharraf apologizes for attack on Geo office
ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf has regretted attack on Geo News office in Islamabad Friday and apologized for the incident.

In an exclusive chat with Hamid Mir in Geo News programme "Capital Talk" the president condemned the attack.

"We support freedom of journalism and want its supremacy," Musharraf said.

The incident should not been happened, he said and termed the incident a conspiracy to sabotage the whole process.

President Musharraf also apologized with Hamid Mir what happened with him. He said the people involved in the incident would be taken to task today.
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