Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Karachi is hurting ! Help--Karachi O' Karachi !

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Karachi is hurting...who will help?
Karachi is hurting...Mush, Kamal, CDGK, KDA, DHA, where are you?
Our lives are in your hands...

Oh Karachi is hurting...
Anyone there...HELP....HELP...
Karachi O' Karachi...

You disolve the KMC and divide KHI into townships---claiming this will streamline things. But where has it landed us? Back in the same rut, if not worse Recall the '92 downpour, it was bad...cars floating....but this is worse.

The City of life---the heart of the PakLand.

Mush you call yourself a Karachite---well, sad to say we have seen what kind of Karachite you are, our City, your CIty is hurting. What will you do about it? What have you done?

Please ! Spare me the explaination, I don't want your explaination. Heard enough. No more empty talk---we want results. If you can't produce results, then please go back to where you came from--go back to the barracks, and take your chumcha Nazims and flunky chief ministers and governors with you.

Karachi will survive with or without you. After all we have gone thorugh a whole lot worst over the past years.

From Payya Jaams to bomb blasts to floods---the city has seen it all.
We have survived thus far, will survive again.
For Karachi is the golden city, the city of life, the pulse of the PakLand.

Karachi O' Karachi is hurting, who will help?

Build Karachi, Love Karachi...the City of life !

An ancient city with a rich history... www.historickarachi.com

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq

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