Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Geeks BUY Geeks: YouTube to GoogleTube !

The Silicon Valley, land of Geeks who make it big doing things people from outside the valley would think crazy. YouTube, who would have thought that such a site would be such a big hit. With no solid marketing plan, a fluid business model the founders created a site which turned out to become a global hit. You can get Videos on any topic or search keyword, or almost any as I have tried searching with keywords with no results!

That's all it takes for success in the Silicon Valley: A wild imagination and the courage to take the plunge, in many cases a risky plunge against all odds. The chances are you could hit rock bottom, or if you are lucky make the major leagues and join the likes of Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft, Apply, Intel.

Its all upto you--all it takes is an idea. Silicon Valley is founded on wild and crazy ideas, after all it wouldn't be Silicon Valley if it weren't for people like Steve Jobs, Atiq Raza, Asad Jamal, Vinod Khosla, etc. These are people who had an idea and courage to take the first step and plunge into the deep end.

And so is the POWER of an IDEA ! Dreaming BIG and hitting the the jackpot is the nature of the Silicon Valley.

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq

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