Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Karachi is hurting ! Help--Karachi O' Karachi !

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Karachi is hurting...who will help?
Karachi is hurting...Mush, Kamal, CDGK, KDA, DHA, where are you?
Our lives are in your hands...

Oh Karachi is hurting...
Anyone there...HELP....HELP...
Karachi O' Karachi...

You disolve the KMC and divide KHI into townships---claiming this will streamline things. But where has it landed us? Back in the same rut, if not worse Recall the '92 downpour, it was bad...cars floating....but this is worse.

The City of life---the heart of the PakLand.

Mush you call yourself a Karachite---well, sad to say we have seen what kind of Karachite you are, our City, your CIty is hurting. What will you do about it? What have you done?

Please ! Spare me the explaination, I don't want your explaination. Heard enough. No more empty talk---we want results. If you can't produce results, then please go back to where you came from--go back to the barracks, and take your chumcha Nazims and flunky chief ministers and governors with you.

Karachi will survive with or without you. After all we have gone thorugh a whole lot worst over the past years.

From Payya Jaams to bomb blasts to floods---the city has seen it all.
We have survived thus far, will survive again.
For Karachi is the golden city, the city of life, the pulse of the PakLand.

Karachi O' Karachi is hurting, who will help?

Build Karachi, Love Karachi...the City of life !

An ancient city with a rich history... www.historickarachi.com

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Geeks BUY Geeks: YouTube to GoogleTube !

The Silicon Valley, land of Geeks who make it big doing things people from outside the valley would think crazy. YouTube, who would have thought that such a site would be such a big hit. With no solid marketing plan, a fluid business model the founders created a site which turned out to become a global hit. You can get Videos on any topic or search keyword, or almost any as I have tried searching with keywords with no results!

That's all it takes for success in the Silicon Valley: A wild imagination and the courage to take the plunge, in many cases a risky plunge against all odds. The chances are you could hit rock bottom, or if you are lucky make the major leagues and join the likes of Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft, Apply, Intel.

Its all upto you--all it takes is an idea. Silicon Valley is founded on wild and crazy ideas, after all it wouldn't be Silicon Valley if it weren't for people like Steve Jobs, Atiq Raza, Asad Jamal, Vinod Khosla, etc. These are people who had an idea and courage to take the first step and plunge into the deep end.

And so is the POWER of an IDEA ! Dreaming BIG and hitting the the jackpot is the nature of the Silicon Valley.

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq

Friday, October 06, 2006

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: After the Kashmir Quake Response

What Does It Mean to Be Committed to Our Communities?

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Kashmir a year ago, Pakistanis and Pakistani-Americans gave tremendous amounts of time, energy and money to help in the relief efforts. OPEN Silicon Valley is hosting a panel discussion on what it means to have a sustained commitment to our various communities. Which communities, and what kind of commitment? We will talk to leaders of several prominent community organizations about their personal involvement with their causes.


SAP Campus, 3410 Hillview, Palo Alto

Date: Thursday, Oct 26, 2006

Time: 6:00PM – 8:30PM

Fee: Free for members (pre-register), $10 for non-members.


Sara Abbasi:

Sara Abbasi is an Executive Board member and San Francisco Chapter President of Developments in Literacy (DIL). DIL’s main purpose is to work for the eradication of illiteracy in the remote and neglected areas of Pakistan, by establishing primary and secondary level non-formal schools for underprivileged children. (www.dil.org)

Muhammed Chaudhry:

Muhammed Chaudhry is the President & CEO of the San Jose Education Foundation (SJEF). SJEF is the leading education foundation serving the students, teachers and families of San Jose. (www.sjefoundation.org)

Farhana Khera:

Farhana Khera is the Executive Director of Muslim Advocates, a sister charitable entity of the National Association of Muslim Lawyers. Muslim Advocates seeks to promote and protect freedom, justice and equality for all, regardless of faith, through legal advocacy, policy engagement and education and by serving as a resource to promote the full participation of Muslims in American public life. (www.muslimadvocates.org)

Michael Wolfe:

Michael Wolfe is Co-Director of Unity Productions Foundation, a media and educational organization. (www.upf.tv)

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