Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Water Powered Vehicle

A Proposal for a vehicle operating on an alternate and environmentally friendly fuel.

Abdulrahman Rafiq

(Formally re-written on May 29th 2002. First Conceptualized: 1990/91 )

I first started working on this idea in my early teen years, when my knowledge of science was limited to a High School/pre-Senior Cambridge level.

My thoughts on this subject emerged from my study of Senior Cambridge/O'level chemistry and the methodologies used in purifying gases from other gases and the cooling of gases via extreme high pressure.

My thinking: Water vapor compressed under extreme high pressure and then released under controlled conditions will create a force, which essentially could possibly result in moving a vehicle horizontally in the forward direction. Assuming, of course that the compressed vapor is released in the backwards direction. This is very much like a rocket engine, however the one difference being that this doesn’t cause any adverse effects on the environment that a rocket engine, or rather its fuel causes.

Further if the compressed vapor is released in the downward direction it could possibly lift the vehicle up, enabling hovering capabilities.

Theory: My theory on how this will work is simple. Liquid Water is converted to its vapor state by heating. The Water Vapor is stored for a length of time. During the storage the Vapors are continually being heated via heating coils installed in the storage container. Then after some time has passed the Vapor is released via a jet like nozzle at high pressure. The nozzle is what the vehicle pilot will control via the accelerator peddle in the passenger compartment.

Through careful and controlled timing the pilot could successfully steer the vehicle, maintain a safe and reasonable distance from the ground, and increase or decrease the vehicles speed whenever deemed necessary.

This vehicle could be the replacement to the present-day internal combustion engine. Instead of burning fossil fuels, it would “burn” molecules of H2O, commonly known as water. Water is abundant on this planet, requires no expense to mine, and is environmentally friendly.

Copyright © 2002
Abdulrahman Rafiq

Copyright C. Abdulrahman Rafiq


Ames Intern Housing said...

How're you proposing to heat the water?
Also, any calculations on the amount of water you would need to power a car that only runs in the city?

Abdulrahman Rafiq said...

As mentioned above, the water will be heated by by coils in the storage chamber - where there are are 3 - 4 storage compartments, through which the water and vapor pass before exiting the vehicle.

No calculations per say, just conceptual drawings. Never got to the stage of calculations.

By the way are you Zahra from AMES/MIT?