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Akbar Bugti: The end to an era !

Pakistani security forces kill Akbar Bugti QUETTA, Aug 27, (Agencies) - Pakistani security forces killed tribal chieftain Nawab Akbar Bugti in an operation in Baluchistan province, the country's information minister said Saturday. "I can confirm that Akbar Bugti was killed in the operation," Mohammad Ali Durrani said. "Further details are coming and we cannot confirm any other information." At least 25 commandos and more than 30 tribesmen were also killed in fighting near Dera Bugti town, close to a mountain hideout where Bugti was sheltering, security officials said. A top security official, who declined to be named, said at least 24 tribesmen were killed along with an unspecified number of Pakistani security forces. The official said the operation targeted between 50 and 80 of Bugti's supporters at Karmu Wadh in the district of Kolhu on Saturday evening who were tracked down by the intercept of a satellite phone call.(Posted @ 00:30 PST)

http://dawn. com/2006/ 08/26/welcome. htm

A personality from another time indeed. As a student of history, his 'bap dadda' fought the British tooth and nail, thus one of the reasons the colonial power was unable to annex the Baluch lands.

Once as a child, I recall meeting him at a small gathering in someones house, in Karachi in the mid-late 80's. To a 11 year old he seemed like a large towering figure. In his starched white shalwar kameez which matched his white neatly trimmed beard. He was an important man, with an entourage of people around him at all times. He carried in his hand a semi-automatic scorpion pistol, neatly tucked in a sued leather case---a heavy item it seemed like, yet he carried it with such easy, so much so it appeared to be part of his being, coupled with impecible social graces.

In spite of the crimes and accusations against him as a enemy of the state. You can't help not admire such a man. Perhaps his picture is reminiscent of childhood memories. Memories from the past, memories of a different Pakistan, a Pakistan and a world which from the perspective of an 12 year old was a sane one. [See DAWN Monday August 28th, "Bugtil Maligned but widely respected"]

A Pakistan that just emerged from 11 years of martial law under Zia. Was embarking on a new journey with hopes and aspirations of greatness under a Bhutto. People were excited, finally we have democracy, a peoples government, however that was short lived....

Indeed it was a different time, an exciting time in the history of the nation. Not that it isn't an exciting and remarkable time now! A time where the tides are in the nations favour. It is upto us to sieze upon this moment and a make difference. The effects of which will reveberate well into the distant future.

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