Friday, May 26, 2006

Article: Can Silicon Valley be replicated?

It is Lahore in Pakistan which would appear to have a culture suitable for technology startups. Where as Karachi, it resembles New York in many ways. Indeed, a place where its citizen's are looking for the next fad. A fashionable city it is, where the latest styles, raves and fabs are welcome there.

Unlike Lahore, which tends to attract in a manner of speaking "nerds", or that type or class of people. Nerds are not only technology nerds, you also have nerds who are not-tech savvy or technical. Lahore has been the hub for all sorts of intellectual/creative activities----poets such as Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Allam Iqbal came to call it home.

However, given all this can the California Silicon Valley be replicated in Lahore? As the article mentions, it's not about having fancy buildings, but a certain type of people---a happy mix of "nerds" and "rich people, or investors". Or perhaps parts Karachi's sprawling megapolis would fbe a suitable "technology start-up" location, as you do have the "nerd" type there, coupled with a large investor base.

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